Happy "Autmer" and Looking Ahead to the New Season


Welcome to what I call "Autmer," those few weeks between what is technically Summer and Autumn. You know, that wonderfully confusing time when school starts again and I begin to change over things to fall decor, although the trees are still pretty green. Then, an unexpectedly chilly night might mean turning the heat on; only to wake up with summer weather again and the need for the air conditioner. But, I embrace the time as a time of change and looking to what's ahead during the new season.

For me, it includes lots of music! On September 29th, I'll give a vocal masterclass at the Mozartina Conservatory, to students who are part of the NAACP Act-So Program for aspiring high school artists. For the past several years, I have served as a judge in the Act-So Classical Vocal category. I'm looking forward to helping the next generation of singers perfect their craft. Lots more to come over the next few months as well. Keep an eye on my calendar to know what's coming up next.

This past week, I also attended the Experience Conference in Orlando, Florida. The conference is for Music Directors and musicians from churches across the country. It was an enlightening time, where I was able to complete the first draft of the new hymn I've been writing/composing, which will premiere on October 7th at First Baptist Church of Tarrytown. I had an amazing view of the lagoon at Disney World and one morning, the view nearly brought me to tears as the sun rose. It made me remember those little glimpses of perfect and absolute beauty God let's us see, even in a fallen, imperfect world. You can find a photo of it on my Instagram page @yolanda.f.johnson.

In addition to this, I'll perform at the Tuesday Morning Music Club in October as well, and then November brings She Sings of Rivers. December is all about Christmas and I'll share with you my musical plans for this year.

I look forward to enjoying the Autumn season and I'm wishing you great success as we all move ahead to cider, pumpkins, apples and a whole lot of hard work and wonderful projects!


Yolanda Johnson